Saturday, January 30, 2010

Green bird pet
Green bird pet

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World Puppies said...

Dear Sir,

We are one of the largest Buyer / Pet Shop owner in UAE, Abu Dhabi. We would like to buy Gang Gang Cockatoos and all other species of Parrots from all over the World. This is our expectation from the Seller / Supplier that they quote us best and reasonable rates / prices of their Birds & Parrots, so we can beat the entire Pet Shops in UAE. Birds should be healthy and have no disability or fault.

Currently we required Gang Gang Cockatoos about 10 Pairs and we are looking for best supplier for these sort of Birds.

We assure you for long-term business relationship if your Birds / Parrots are perfect and healthy and you sell them at very reasonable prices to us.

Important Note For Scamers & Fraud People:

We will never buy anything from any unknown or suspicious person who can’t prove himself as a legal supplier of Birds. We will ask for certificates and other necessary documents to check your reality.

So all scammers and fraud people avoid us and do not try to contact because it will be wasting of your time to fooled us.

Real & Genuine Sellers / Breeders / Pet Shops owners can contact us without any hesitation. Send us your stock list with best prices including delivery charges for UAE.

Contact Person: Mr.Umer (Nasir Manzoor)
Cell No. +923333219460